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Explore our Enriching After-School Theatre Programs!

Jump into an educational after-school theatre program within your child’s school. MYART’s school programs are designed to provide a unique, student-centric experience in a guided, dynamic style that creatively engages children.

The program’s goal is to offer an environment that encourages creative thinking and exploration, while building students’ self-confidence, effective communication skills, and character, both on and off the stage. Each student receives training in acting, voice and diction, singing, movement, dance, musical theatre and performance.

Bring MYART to Your Child’s School!

Want your child to experience an enriching musical theatre program at school?
Send a message to Brenna Hanlen, our program director, and find out how! 

Register for the After-School Program at Prisk Elementary School!

Register for the After-School Program at Signal Hill Elementary School!

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